Mr. Big
Facebook Bar Giveaway
Mr. Big wanted to make a splash when they started their Facebook community. What bigger way to do that then to give away 10,000 Free Bars? Actually since this took place during the Summer we sent out free bar coupons. Melty Bars aren't really a big deal.

We spread out the 10,000 coupons over a few releases each release saw 2,500 bars released. Each time somebody came to the page it would display a live scrolling page of the bars left. Crux of the matter is that the form to get your coupon was at the bottom of the page. In true Mr. Big style "Big Deals" wouldn't need to scroll to the END. Otherwise you could scroll through all 2,500 bars left and get phrases of encouragement along the way.

Not only could you get yourself a Free Mr. Big bar, but you could also tell the world of your Big Deal status by publishing a wall story about joining the Big Deal Club!
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